How can I register and login?
Download the web app on your computer, smartphone or tablet, then sign in using your email address or your Facebook account.
Is an internet connection necessary for Blind Me to work?
It is necessary to have an internet connection for the web app to work (wifi/3G/4G/5G).
Is it necessary to activate the GPS For Blind me to work?
To see the profiles that are in your area of your choice, it is not necessary to activate the GPS in the computer, smartphone or tablet settings.
Can I sign into Blind Me if I'm under 18?
Blind Me is a web app for an 18+ audience.
Will Blind Me publish on my Facebook?
No, Blind Me will never publish on Facebook.
What information does Blind me use to create my profile?
To create your profile, Blind Me uses your name, gender and date of birth.

Please ensure that your Facebook information are correct even if you can change them later on.
What happens if I deactivate my Facebook account?
If you deactivate the Facebook account that you used to register on Blind Me, you will lose access to your Blind Me account as well as your contacts and messages.

You will have to re-create an account with your email.
How can I disconnect?
Just go into the “Account” and click on “Disconnect”.

By logging out, you won't receive notifications for a Flash, a reciprocity or a new message.
How to I delete my account?
You just need to go to the section “Account” and click on “Close account”.

When you deactivate or delete your account, you will completely disappear from the web app. Your contacts will no longer see you or talk with you and you will not be presented on the home page.


What are the profiles on the home page?
The profiles presented on the home page, correspond to the age, gender and the area desired when you signed up.
Who can see my profile?
Only members whose preferences (age, gender, area) correspond to yours, can see your profile.
How to change my profile and/or my photos?
You can change your profile by going to the section “Profile”.

Do not forget that a person interested, will not hesitate to send you a Flash.

You can change your photos by going to the section “Profile” (tab “Photos”). In the bottom left of each photo, an “X” will allow or to delete it. In the empty spaces, a “+” will allow you to directly add photos from your albums on your computer, smartphone, tablet or from our Facebook account.

In respect of our other members, we remind you that your photos should be representative, personal and appropriate.
The profiles on my home page do not correspond to my preferences.
Please ensure that your preferences have been defined in the section “Profile“. The next profiles that will appear on your home page will correspond to your preferences.


How to interact with the profiles?
You can send a Hi or a notified Flash to a person that interests you. If a profile does not interest you, you can refuse it “X”, the person will not be notified and you will not see them again on the web app.

If you are both interested, you can engage in conversation which will allow you to reveal the photos (the more you talk the more you reveal).
What is the difference between a “Hi” and a “Flash”?
A Hi is a discreet and free action : if you send one to a profile, they will not know unless it is reciprocal.

However, a notified Flash costs one credit (free for women). The person that receives a Flash can choose to answer it or ignore it. A Flash is the best way to get noticed.
Can I cancel a “Hi” or a “Flash” that I have sent?
You cannot cancel a Hi or a Flash.
When I receive a “Flash”, how do I accept it?
When you receive a “Flash”, it will appear in your notification history in the section “Flash received” in the section “Messages”. If you wish to accept the “Flash”, all you have to do it select “Accepted”. If, however, you wish to ignore and not hear from the person again, you click on “Refuse”.
A profile on my home page does not interest me.
If a person does not interest you, you can hide the profile, they will not know and you will not see them again.
What happens if I block someone?
If you block someone, the person will not know. They will not see your profile anymore or contact you on the web app.
How do I report someone?
From a conversation, you can block a member or report a behaviour problem. For our customer services to evaluate and take the necessary measures, it is important that you specify the reason for the report.


What are the credits for?
The web app is entirely free, but some actions cost credits, like “Flashing” (1 credit for men and free for women) or “Sliding puzzle” (2 credits).

Credits can be bought in the section “Credits”. When you sign up, we offer you 10 credits.
How do I buy credits?
Credits can be bought in the section “Credits”. Different packs are available. Purchases are made via your Paypal account. You must be in possession on your login info when you go to buy the credits.
How to I change my payment details?
To change your payment details, please report to your account settings on Paypal. This information is exclusively collected and dealt with by this platform, and Blind Me cannot change any payment methods.
Does Bind me have any banking information? Are they secure?
Blind Me does not collect or deal with any banking details. Paypal have chosen to not communicate certain information to web app, such as any banking details. This information is exclusively collected and dealt with by this platform, and Blind Me cannot change any payment methods.

Packs are purchasable securely, Packs are payable in a secured way according to the planned terms of payment and imposed by Paypal.


What notifications do I receive?
As soon as you receive a Flash, a reciprocity or a new message, you will receive a push notification to not miss an opportunity. The notifications history is accessible in the section “Flash received” in the section “Messages”. By clicking on a notification, you can directly access a profile or a message.
How to I deactivate the push notifications?
In the section “Notifications” in the section “Profil”, you can access the setting for this.


I can’t or can no longer sign in.
Please ensure that you have the latest version of Blind Me, that you are connected to the internet (wifi/3G/4G/5G), that your login details are still active and your password is correct. Sign out from Facebook, the latter should authorise cookies, then try to sign in again.

If the problem persists, please try again later, this is usually temporary. If not, to ensure the quality and rapidity of dealing with your demand, please contact us via the contact form. On the latter, please indicate your email, and select a reason for the problem.
I have lost my login or password.
Without your login details, we cannot give you access to your Blind Me account.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” when you attempt to login to Blind Me or go directly to your Facebook account.
I cannot see anyone on my home page.
Please ensure that you have the latest version of the web app, that your preferences have been defined in the section “Profile”, that you have an internet connexion and that your GPS is active. Then try and restart the web app. If the problem persists, restart your computer, smartphone or tablet.
One of my reciprocity has disappeared or a message has not appeared even though I have received a notification.
If you can no longer find a reciprocity or a received message does not appear in the section “Messages”, it is possible that the person could have blocked you or deleted their account. To be sure, please restart your web app and check again.
I am unable to buy credits.
Banking transactions and purchases are dealt with by Paypal.

I you cannot access the purchase of credits, we invite you to restart your web app and start again. This problem is usually temporary. Please ensure that your banking details, entered in your account settings on Paypal, are correct.
I have purchased credits but I have not received them.
Please ensure that the transaction has been carried out. If your purchase has been confirmed, please check your internet connexion (wifi/3G/4G/5G), restart the web app and wait for a few moments.

If the problem persists, contact the Blind me customer services by writing to us on this email and linking a payment justification. Your demand will be dealt with as soon as possible by our teams.
You cannot find an answer to your question?
Contact us by filling out the contact form.