Our concept

The physical connection is one of the first criteria used by most dating applications, and yet many singles have been unable to establish that vital link.

But if a connection with someone could go beyond the physical, what would we do?

It is this question which is at the base of Blind Me, the first blind-dating app.

We wanted to shake up the traditions of dating 2.0 by proposing a new approach: Your photos are automatically blurred when you sign up, and the more you talk, the more they are revealed.

How does it work?

When you are interested in a profile, after reading the description or listening the voice, you can:

1. Send a hi without them knowing, unless it is reciprocal.

2. Send a flash notification to let them know you are interested.

If you are both interested, you can begin a conversation which will allow you to reveal the photos. The more you talk the more the photos are revealed.

And for users who are impatient, we have put in place the sliding puzzle, which allows to try to reveal the photo of a profile in a fun way. Just click on the padlock at the top of a photo.

*Blind Me relies on “slow dating”. The parties involved are able to truly communicate, taking the time to create a bond while discovering the other person both mentally and physically.

**The download and use of Blind Me are free. The feature “flash” (free for women) and the “sliding puzzle” are optional and cost credits (Ten credits are offered when you sign up).