About us

Fabrice : Founder,
is the conductor of Blind Me.
Amandine : Sales Manager,
is the feminine touch of Blind Me.
Nicolas : Web Developer,
is the technical architect of Blind Me.

After taking a break from love, Fabrice realizing that society pushes us to be in constant search of our soul mate. This leaves little room for the unexpected surprises or mysteries involved in getting to know someone new. It’s especially no way to be yourself, since you often feel you must be perfect yourself to conform to others. Today, everything involved with creating a new relationship moves faster, and, in his opinion, we don’t take enough time to get to know each other well.
With the help of his two partners, Amandine and Nicolas, Fabrice decided to shake up the traditions of dating 2.0 by launching the first blind dating app, Blind Me.